Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sew, You Made That?

It has taken me a while, but I have finally got my butt into gear and started a blog for my sewing and crafts. If there is ever a hobby I enjoy as much as cooking it would have to be sewing and crafts. There is something about creating something from raw materials that makes me very happy... and the little glow of warmth that comes when someone says, 'So you actually made this?', well... all you crafters and sewers out there know what I mean!

I don't make stuff nearly as much as I would like to, but at the moment I am feeling the sewing itch big time and so I thought there was no better time to start a new blog, especially as it is a new year. Hopefully this one stays active longer than my mail swap blog, but lets face it - taking photos of everything you send and recieve in the mail gets quite tedious! This blog will serve as a place for me to document the things I create and my progress on larger projects... which will hopefully spur me on to actually finish them!

I came across a simple quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts that doesn't involve much cutting and piecing, it is called the Ragged Squares Quilt. I am totally in love with it! Mostly because it is gorgeous and has a beautiful old style feel to it... but also because I haven't made a quilt since high school (and that one is still only a quilt top sitting somewhere in a cupboard) so I thought something simple that I can get finished in a reasonable amount of time would be good to start off with... So the other day I went out and bought a walking foot for my sewing machine (which was on sale for 20% off - woohoo!) and some material for my quilt...

Fabric for Ragged Squares Quilt

This was the first time I have tried to coordinate fabrics for a quilt completely by myself and I am quite happy with my efforts! I absolutely love purple and I was going to go with purple and green to match the colours in my room, but then I found a fabric with purple and blue in it (the 5th one down in the pile), so I decided to go with purple and blue instead. It all started with this retro style floral print that I loved (the lime green version of it was on sale, but not the purple that I wanted - boo!)...

Purple Retro Floral

...and I also fell head over heels for this one, the heart leaves and all the swirlyness remind me of a fairytale forest or something... beautiful! It's not the best photo though, the light pink pattern is in the same style as the darker and white patterns, it just got blurred in the photo...

Purple Enchanted Floral

I also bought a few cottons because they were on sale for $4 a metre... I don't know what I am going to do with the top 2 yet, but the green floral and the coordinating greens are going to be made into a skirt, quite possible this wrap-around one from What did she do today?... made into an adult size of course ;)

Sale Materials

That's all for now, I will be posting some pictures of my stash later this week...


  1. OK, so you've got, like, a bajillion times more fabric than we have. But that's OK. 'Cause we just have fabric that I've edited out of my dress shirts (I'm tall, and have to buy the Large/Tall stuff, which means that they're mega-huge, and need to be tailored). But it works, if you like little () shaped sections of fabric, from beneath the arms.

  2. Yes! Another sewie! I like! The patterns you chose go so well together, love the purples. Usually I go and buy fabric with one pattern in mind and once I get home the doubt comes in: I could also do this..or that..or...
    And now I want to make a quilt. Don't know where I'll find the time! And the resolution to stick to my plans. The fact that I'm a bit sloppy is not helping with quilts either. Sigh.

  3. I just love the colors you picked for your quilt - I really want to make one this year!

  4. Wow, I only just found your comments (it must be on automatic approve, I will have to change that!)... thanks for your encouragement guys! I tend to get a little crafty around this time of year, but hopefully I can make it last all year round now with this blog :)